Die worms die!

Ugh.  The frustration.  I can only imagine how poor Charlie feels.  Anyways…we still can’t get him on his puppy food without the lovely side effect of liquid poo.  We have been feeding this poor hungry puppy rice and chicken for about a week now and are starting to feel guilty ,so I called the vet.  They requested a poo sample so I took one in yesterday and the diagnosis is roundworm.  I just gave him his medication so hopefully this will all be over with soon.  Poor fella can’t get any nutrition because the worms are eating everything and the puppy food is too rich for him with the worms around.  I can only imagine what kind of fun I’ll be into later tonight once these meds start taking effect which should be in about 2-7 hours according to my online research.  Let me tell you, finding out when a vet med will work compared to a human med is not easy.

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