Too much Holiday Cheer

Ok, well maybe too much holiday beer…actually it was wine.  Made for a very difficult day at work, but since I was the only one at work today I could pretty much work at my own hung-over pace.  Our Christmas was fairly unremarkable.  We got up and took Charlie for a walk since the remainder of the day was going to be  rainy.  He got to run around with all the big dogs in the field by the local elementary school in our neighborhood.  Someday he will be just as big as all those other dogs, but until then he did a good job of holding his own as they chased him around.

Once we got back we opened presents (only had 2 to open so this didn’t take long) and then I started baking. I made a pecan pie, pumpkin pie and I made my first cake from scratch.  I used the Chocolate Cake and Butter cream frosting recipes from my new Betty Crocker Cookbook we got as a wedding gift.  It turned out OK.  Making cake from a box is a lot easier especially since I don’t have my stand mixer yet.  The pies turned out very well except for the crusts.  I was having a really hard time with my crusts yesterday. I couldn’t keep them from sticking to the counter and they kept tearing.  Oh well, the pie filling was fabulous and that is what really matters in the end.  The pecan pie got rave reviews and this is the second time I’ve made it so I can stand by this recipe with confidence.  It is also super easy to make.

Once I stopped my baking madness we made ourselves an early Christmas dinner of steaks, twice baked potatoes and green-been casserole.  It was pretty darn good.  Later in the evening we had some friends over for dessert and once they left, we went over to our neighbors to watch football and drink.  All and all it was a good Christmas.  You can see our photos from the day here.

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