While hoeing I found Jesus.

Semi appropriate for Christmas eve if you ask me.  I should further explain myself though….  Thanks go global warming, Royce and I were able to put in a full day of yard work.  We had a lot of leaves to get out of all the stupid landscaping out front and we also wanted to lay new mulch.  Anyways…while I was breaking up the old mulch with my hoe, I found Jesus.  He was buried in the front bed next to the porch.  Upon further investigation I think he actually may be saint, but since I’m not Catholic I’m not sure which one it is or what its purpose is.  So we will call him Jesus for now.  Any of you Catholics out there feel free to set us straight.

Here are some more pictures from our day of fun.  First and foremost, the reason why we did this in the first placeis Charlie loves leaves.

When you take him outside to pee or poo he will do nothing but find leaves and bring them to you.  Although very sweet, and cute, I would prefer him to focus on the task at hand.  We were also jealous at how nice our neighbor’s yard looked after he hired some people to lay new mulch.  So…keeping up with the Jones’ we figured we better get out there and take care of business.  After an entire day of raking I can’t wait to rip out all these damn azaleas.  I don’t care how beautiful they are in the spring, they are ugly in the winter and nothing short of leaf catchers in the fall.  So those puppies are coming out this spring…and sod will take its place along with a fence.  Thanks to our neighbor’s leaf blower our day was made bit easier as we tried to get the stray leaves out from under the bushes, but it didn’t help with bagging.  We filled over 8 lawn and leaf bags full of leaves…which were all residing in the landscaped beds out front.  Ahh!  Why do people put all this landscaping in?  Its annoying and a pain in the ass to take care of.  Royce and I are grass people.  So is Charlie, because he likes to eat mulch we need to downsize the landscaping a bit.

Until then, our lawn looks at least remotely nice.  We can’t cut back the azaleas until after they bloom…and I figured I would let them bloom once and then bye-bye stupid plants.  We are going to replace your flowering butts with boring old evergreen type shrubs.  You can see more pictures from today’s Christmas eve fun here.


  1. That is definitely a saint, not Jesus. I can’t remember the name (I’ll ask my mom, she’ll know), but there’s one saint where you’re supposed to bury a statue of the saint in your front yard to help you sell your house. I’m guessing it’s that one.

  2. It’s Saint Joseph. The superstition is that if you bury a statue of St. Joseph in front of your house, it will sell quickly. The statute should be buried upside down and facing the house. My guess is you have a St. Joseph statue there left by some superstitious Catholics.

  3. Thanks for informing us Katie! I’m glad to know that we didn’t unearth something like the Saint to keep your house from burning down, or getting robbed. I wish there was a Saint that you can pray to for your furnace to break. We want that to go before our homeowners policy is up. I’ll keep Mr. Joseph around for when we decide to high-tail it out of here though and see if he brings us any luck with selling!

    • We were hoping the same thing with our furnace. Of course it waited until about 18 months after we bought the house to crap out, leaving us to foot the entire bill for a new furnace. Needless to say, Christmas was a little meager at our house this year.

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