3 walks = sleepy puppy

Charlie had a big day today.  It started with a big walk this morning where he got to bark at a lot of runners and other dogs.  When I got back from the grocery store Royce wanted to go for a walkso Charlie and I went with him and this time we played in the school field because in the morning there was too many other dogs.  Then Charlie had some visitors…  My friend Christine and her Mom and Dad stopped by on their way up to PA for the holidays.  Charlie started off shy but towards the end of the visit he was his usuall puppy self.  Then, the landscape guy stopped by and played with him for a while.  After all those visits, he needed a nap (and I needed some quiet time) so he was a good puppy and slept in his crate.  We then went for another walk…can you tell I’m trying to literally poop him out?

So far the rice diet and pepto bismol is working.  I have to camouflage the pepto with peanut butter.  If I had the energy I would go into the pharmacy and compound him something a bit more flavorful using Flavor Rx, but so far the peanut butter works, so I’m not sweating it.  The Flagyl was harder to work with, but I found that crushing the tablet in the peanut butter fooled Charlie.  

Other than that I’ll I’ve done is make Chex Mix.  I also escaped for a while to go get some dinner and was pleasantly surprised to find Charlie sleeping in his crate when I returned.

Tomorrow is a big day of yard work.  We have a ton of leaves to clear out from the flower beds in the front and we need to cut back the azaleas.  I think we are all set to get the back yard leveled this January.  The same guy who put all the landscaping in stopped by the other day and we asked him if he would tear it out.  He seems nice enough, and is willing to give us a discount because we are doing it in January.  So it will get done in January because we won’t get a discount on the bathroom if we do that in January instead of any other month in the year.

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