Getting better

Charlie must be feeling better because he is all puppy now.  He plays and runs and loves to be petted and is the focus of attention around here.  Taking care of him is getting a bit easier too.  We have him down on a schedule for eating and going outside which has at least taken the mystery out of when he needs to go.  He is also getting a bit more used to his crate.  He is a quick learner that is for sure.  There are still some things we have to work on, but with time it will get better.  Going for walks sure is interesting.  He loves to walk in front of you and he can’t focus on anything so he never watches where he is going so it makes for an interesting stroll. 

Our lives have pretty much been all about Charlie lately, but we have been up to other stuff as well.  Last night I played in a holiday concert with the community band I’m in.  It was at an assisted living community/compound in northern MD and it went pretty well for a band that only practices together once a week.  Royce also found a pick-up basketball league to join so he is there tonight.  I’m so glad he found something because he loved playing when he lived in Iowa City.

We are looking forward to a chill holiday.  I’ve got some yard work to do.  Our neighboors just had their lawn done and new mulch laid and so our yard looks all ghetto with the azalea bushes growing in each and every direction and leftover leaves in the landscaping beds.  Outside of that we don’t plan on doing much.  We will be going over to the neighbors for Christmas and that evening some other orphaned couples will join us for dessert and drinks.  Should turn out to be a pretty good Christmas.

Charlie just discovered his tail!  I better stop typing and pay attention before he twirls himself into the fireplace or knocks over the tree.  Silly puppy.

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