Big day for such a small dog

Charlie had a bad night last night.  I guess the worm medicine I had to give him Sunday night had started to work…which meant a lot of unplentries that involved poo, and worms and very little sleep for both of us.  We went to the vet today to get everything checked out, I’m so glad I had an appointment already scheduled.  He is doing better today, I think the fasting is helping at least for now.  We have some meds to give him but its hard to get him to take it.  Tomorrow we get to re-introduce some bland foods like bread and rice before getting him back on his puppy food.  He did really good at the vet today though.  He behaved really well and let the Dr. poke all around and he didn’t wine or squirm or anything.  He was a big hit in the office, everyone loved Charlie.  I love him too…here is to hoping tonight is a bit easier on us.  It is nice that Royce will be home tonight to help out.  We took him for a big walk so he should sleep soundly tonight.

Royce and I are beat.  We haven’t had a good night sleep in a while.  Puppy-tag-team is hard especially when we are on opposite work schedules.  Thankfully Royce doesn’t have to go back to work until Friday night.  It feels like baby boot camp over here.  I have a feeling we will be going to bed early tonight.

What’s for dinner:  I finally got to the grocery store today since we had the option of keeping one of us at home while the other ran errands.  Good thing too because our cabinets and refrigerator were getting a bit sparse. Too bad we are both too tired to cook.  Tonight it will be hamburgers.  Our plans of putting them on the charcoal grill have been scrapped and so have the sides, so its just hamburgers on the grill pan and frozen corn.  Enticing!  ; ) 

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