First night

Charlie’s first night went well to him I’m sure, I myself am a bit sleep deprived. We played and got him oriented with his crate. Royce worked last night so it was just me and Charlie which was fun. I had to miss out on Christine’s Christmas party though which was hard. It didn’t feel right leaving him alone in the crate (which he really doesn’t like much) especially since he hadn’t pooped yet (he finally did at midnight). So Charlie and I both cried our sorrows for me being stuck at home, and him not wanting to be stuck in a crate. I’m sure this isn’t the first happening we will miss because of the dog (or kid someday) so this is good training I suppose. I just wish it was a different party I had to miss since Christine will be moving to Miami before I know it. 

None-the-less, Charlie has figured out to go ‘outside’ to do his business. Smart dog if I do say so myself. It also helps that we take him out there every 2 hours. I’m sure there are still many accidents in our future but I’m happy my 1st day only involved accident puddles instead of piles. We are still working on the crate. He loves to chew so leaving him unsupervised even when we sleep isn’t an option. He isn’t afraid of the crate and will play in it and eat in it, but once you shut the door he freaks out. Hopefully with time it will get better.

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