Not so bad afterall

Since Royce was having poker night at the house last night I needed to exile myself for a while so I decided to do our Xmas shopping.  I came prepared.  I had a detailed list, and I even had a glass of wine before I left to sooth the soul.  Surprisingly I found out that Friday night around 8 PM isn’t a bad time to do Xmas shopping.  I found a parking space immediately and I was able to get all the stuff I needed with minimal to no check out line time.  I also had enough time to try on some clothes for myself.  I was also able to catch up with Amy over dinner at the California Pizza Kitchen at the mall since she was there doing the same thing. 

This weekend is filled with nothing but fun stuff.  We are going to look at some goldendoodle pups around noon today and then we may bring one home I guess if it strikes our fancy.  At that point our day will be shot because we will need to go get dog stuff.  My boss is having a Christmas party at his house tonight so we will be going to that this evening.  At some point this weekend we will be getting our tree up and decorated.  I think the timing of that will all depend on the dog factor.

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