I hate that a woman can’t walk outside around here without getting honked at or catcalled. It is so pathetic and really what’s the point? Do these people really think I’m going to stop, hop in their truck and live happily ever after just because they honked at me? Grrr.

On my walk today to get my allergy shot (I must premise that this is a fairly residential neighborhood, and I look like a tired federal employee in jeans, clogs and red sweater, not exactly a sexy get-up to me) I got honked at 3 times and some random African guy pulled up next to me. I tried to ignore him but after a while I figured maybe he needed directions so I stopped. All he said was “Don’t be mean, all I want to say is Hi”. 

Really? Just “HI”? And what did you expect to get out of saying Hi to a perfect stranger walking down the street while you are driving in your car?

What a pathetic creep.

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