Best turkey ever!

I think this turkey tops the list of turkeys I’ve cooked.  By far, out of the 5 years I’ve cooked this meal this time was the best.  I highly recommend the brine.  In addition I cooked Mr. Turkey at 500 degree’s for the first 30 minutes.  It pretty much guarantees you won’t have any juices to make gravy/stuffing, but that means all those juices are trapped inside Mr. Turkey.  I’m always partial to using chicken broth for the gravy and stuffing anyways so missing those jucies wasn’t a big deal to me.

Anyways…as tradition goes here is the picture of me and my turkey…

And our last thanksgiving on our tiny home-made table…  (yes, that is a box-spring in the corner…we were too lazy to take the spare bedroom bed all the way down to the basement so here it rests until the room is done).

And here is Royce dishing it up after a hard days work…

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


  1. That looks so tasty! Too bad I decided to go home this year. Maybe next year we’ll stay in DC 🙂

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