Turkey burgers and vacations.

I went over to Amanda’s last night for dinner. On the menu was turkey burgers stuffed with pepper jack cheese (cheese…yumm…) along with green beans and twice baked potatoes. It was all very tasty. I was surprised at the flavor of the burgers, I think stuffing it with cheese helped. I also walked away with a stack of paper back books for our trip. : )

Tonight I think its time to catch up on TV shows in the DVR and maybe I’ll get around to painting some of the window and door trim. I really want this room to be done. I also want to swing by the library to see if they have a couple of books in paperback that have been recommended by my colleges here at work.

On a more fun note, I think we have planned our 2007 vacations. Its pathetic that we haven’t even gone to Costa Rica yet and I’m already planning ways to escape from work a year in advance. Sad really. Anyways, plans are for me to do something fun while Royce goes to Utah in April with the boys to mountain bike. Things are up in the air but Christine and I may end up in Boston for a long weekend, or I may just go down and stay with her in Miami. Royce’s sister Ronda set her wedding date so in late September we get to go to Montana for a week and we plan to incorporate a trip to either Glacier National Park or Yellowstone. I hope we can squeeze a Europe trip into November, maybe over Veterans Day weekend, and plans are to hit up Rome for a week. Its all very exciting to have travel plans that don’t involve flying back and forth to the Midwest multiple times in the same year for once. 

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