Big weekend ahead of us

Happy Veterans Day!

Yet another fun 3 day weekend for me.  Yippie!  Royce also has the weekend off so we have lots to do around the house.  Outside of going to REI to get our backpacks for Costa Rica, and maybe stopping by a couple of places to look at dining room chairs the majority of our weekend revolves around our guest bedroom.

We have to paint the ceiling, prime the walls and paint the walls.  Before we do all of this though we have to clean the walls of thier dust…and boy howdy there is a lot of dust.  So much dust that Royce gets to do that job while I rake leaves!  I’m ecstatic.

Eventually we also need to find some baseboards and install those too…but that involves a miter saw which is expensive so I can’t decide if we should just rent one, borrow one (totally ideal but I feel like a leach) or buy one.  Considering we will need this said saw to do the crown molding in the living room and dining room someday I’m tempted to just buy.  However, given the state of our ability to hemorrhage money wherever we go for this house, I’m a bit resistant at the moment.

Thankfully the weather will be beautiful all weekend.  We also have a date night in the city on Saturday that I’m looking forward to.  Royce set it all up which was nice (I’m usually the one that plans stuff around here) so we are going to see a play and catching dinner at our favorite DC place.  Should be fun, we don’t get to do stuff like this very often which is sad because we don’t even have kids!  

Now its time to go rake since those leaves aren’t organizing themselves in neat piles without my help.

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