Damn Leaves

Not only did I rake for 2 hours on Saturday, but much to my dismay on my way out the door this AM our lawn was covered in leaves again. I feel so defeated. I realized on Saturday that there were still lots of leaves yet to fall, but I didn’t expect the leaf party this AM that greeted me.

Here are some lovely pictures of our lawn. In this one, you can see how they seem to be taking over our roof, bushes and lawn:

Also notice in the background there are still leaves on the tree yet to fall, which means there is still more raking fun in our future. You can also see how our front porch has become the land of the dead wood paneling…we are still waiting for the county to come pick it up.

This picture just shows how many leaves I get to rake again this weekend:

I think we need to invest in a leaf blower.

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