Quick update

It’s been a nice fall weekend here.  I spent most of it yesterday raking leaves.  SO MANY leaves!  Lucky us there is a leaf sucker that is coming by on Wednesday to suck up all the leaves…we just have to get them into the street.  I’m sure there will be more raking between now and Wednesday.

I also forced myself to go to Bed Bath and Beyond yesterday.  Our store is in a really bad location and I hate going to it because of traffic.  I managed to get there early enough to get my goods and get out.  But there was still too much traffic for my liking on a Saturday.  We still don’t have all the stuff off our registry but some of it will have to wait until we get our kitchen done since our cabinets are hung unusually low and it keeps me from storing things (like a mixer) on the counter.  On the way home I stopped by a fabric store to get Royce some buttons for his white coat and I realized how much I want a sewing machine so I can make our curtains, duvet covers, pillows and maybe even some clothes for myself.   This location has lessons so now I just need the machine and maybe I can teach myself how to sew.  Going into fabric stores always reminds me of Mom…I remember going with her as a kid.  I loved the sound of the fabric as it is rolled out to be cut…thump thump thump…and the smells…all fabric stores have a smell about them that brings me home.

Last night after Royce got off work we met a friend of mine and her husband out for dinner.  It was very fun..our first official evening with married people as husband and wife.  Olivia and Kevin’s friends are nice…one couple lives near us so hopefully we can get together some time.  After dinner at Brasserie Monte Carlo we headed over to the Harp and Fiddle and this great band was on, the Too Damn Big Orchestra.  They were big, probably the biggest bar band I’ve seen with 2 saxophones, 1 alto sax and a trumpet not to mention the singers and the guitars, drums and piano guy.  They were so good though!  Played a lot of the good classics from VanMorrison and The Doors.  

Now we are trying to wake up so that we both can go to work.  This is a short work week for me because I have Friday off for Veterans Day.  Next weekend will be busy as we will try to finish the spare bedroom.

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