Paneling is down.

See how happy I am!

I can’t believe we got it all the paneling down today.  For the most part it came off relatively easily.  There is good solid sheetrock behind all of this crap so we are really lucky.  For some reason for the outside walls they nailed 1×2’s across the wall and then nailed the paneling to the boards, filling in the spaces with Styrofoam (see picture below, good sheetrock is to the right…lucky us its only a gross green!)

We can’t really figure out why they did this other than maybe the tack  nails for the paneling wouldn’t go in through the sheetrock without hitting the masonry.  Who knows.  So now we have more nails to pull and boards to take down on 2 large walls.  I’ve never seen so many nails…nails are everywhere.

I shouldn’t say this but so far this is easier than I thought it would be.  We still have a lot ahead of us with spackle and sanding and paint.  We also need to buy and install new baseboards.  I’m really happy that we can skip the drywall step though, that could have been rough.

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