The renovations have begun!

Since the wedding is over and the housewarming party is over we have no good excuse to not start tearing stuff up around here.  Today Royce started on the guest bedroom and its o-so-lovely plastic fake wood paneling covered walls.  We didn’t get a good before picture but honestly there really wasn’t a good one because this is the room where boxes that have not been unpacked went to die.  This picture gives you a good idea of what we are up against: 

The entire…and I mean entire room is covered in this ugly paneling…even the doors…so when you shut the doors they are kind of like little ‘hidden doors’ (can you find the doors in the picture?  There are two of them!).  We are not quite sure what is underneath all this lovely stuff but I have a feeling it will be crumbling sheet rock.  As you can see Royce has already gotten the molding off near the ceiling and it looks as though sometime in this ceilings past it was painted orange…yes orange.  You can kind of see the orange boarder in the picture before the celing turns to white.  Fun!  I can’t wait to see what sort of surprises lurk underneath the walls!

In addition to our renovation fun we also had halloween fun today!  Here is a picture of our very first trick-o-treaters!  They are the neighbor boys who live across the street.  Too cute!

Other than that its been a pretty quiet night.  My friend Amanda came over to keep me safe from all the trick-o-treaters, but we only had 3 so it wasn’t too much work.  We had a nice dinner though and I got to see “The Lost Boys”.  80’s movies are so hilarious!  


  1. I’m anxious to hear who won the bet. Keep us posted!

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