Toliets and meatloaf

Now these things don’t have much in common other than Royce was supposed to make the meatloaf today but instead ended up spending time with the toilet. Both of our upstairs toilets ‘run’. They do that weird filling up with water thing randomly throughout the day and it’s very annoying at night because its loud and wakes me up. He tried to fix the one in the masterbath (the most annoying) but after $30 of new parts and 3+ hours of work it still runs. What a pain in the ass and what a waste of water.  Irritating!   I can’t wait to get that bathroom redone. Maybe I’ll call the contractor tomorrow to get a quote.

I ended up making the meatloaf which didn’t turn out in a loaf …kinda looked like meat mush but it sure tasted good!   Not sure what went wrong but I’m glad I wasn’t entertaining because it looked awful.  Between the meatloaf and the peanut butter balls, it was a nice night in the kitchen. Now its time to relax and maybe get some of those thank you notes out in the mail.


  1. What?

    Man…I saw the heading for this entry and thought for sure it would be about someone pooping. Very disappointing A-

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