A high…and then another low

I think today is one of those days that I should have just stayed in bed.  

Anyways…I get a call today around 3 from a florist who is trying to find my office at work.  Strange I say?  I tell him skip work, bring the flowers home!  Who would deliver flowers to me at work anyways?  What a pain the ass…they have to be scanned and fondled to make sure they are not a bomb or other spore like anthrax.  So now I’m intrigued…who would send me flowers?  When I get home I have to air out the place because I can’t for the life of me figure out why our AC won’t kick on even though the unit is chugging away outside so we just turned the darn thing off and are praying for cooler weather…anyways…back to the story, I’m airing out the place when I see the flower deliver guy walking up our path. Mystery is over, the GSA (that’s Government Services Administration for you non government acronym savvy folk) building engineer sent me flowers to apologize for my ‘inconvenience’ this afternoon.  How nice!  Government issued “We are sorry you were stuck in an elevator in a brand new building” flowers!  Hilarious! Just in time too since the flowers Royce bought me last week are now dead.

And to the bad…I was all geared up to go to JC Penny’s to scope out a desk and take its measurements, and to go to Macys to return some powder from Clinique that gives me the coloring of a half-dead zombie when…my car didn’t start.  Doesn’t even make a noise.  Lights barely come on.  I’m assuming it’s the battery.

So now I’m stuck here at home…alone…wishing I could go out and run my errands I’ve been waiting patiently to do all day long.


  1. Awwww, chin up! Tomorrow is friday, which is in and of itself a reason to celebrate.

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