We survived!

The move and the ‘first night’ in the house went well.  Loading the truck was a lot harder than unloading. I’m amazed we got all our stuff in one truck.  So far everything arrived in good shape.  We also met 2 of our neighbors during the chaos of moving in, both of which seem nice and normal enough.  Honestly as long as they don’t smell like fried cigarettes they are automatically better than our neighbors from our apartment.

It was wierd to sleep in the new place though…I had a hard time getting to sleep because my back and feet hurt so bad.  Once I finally reached a nice slumber, we were awoken by music coming from somewhere.  In our dazed confusion we manged to locate the sound of the racket that was coming from our radio in the bathroom.  I guess the alarm button got hit some time during the move and it was set to 2 am.  Not fun.

Other than that no other mis-haps have shadowed our first day in the house.  I managed to unpack and organize most of the kitchen stuff and bathroom stuff.  I still have yet to locate my deodorant so I had to use Royces and now I smell like Old Spice.  We are also missing a remote for our TV in the bedroom…for some reason the cable hook up in our room isn’t working so its not a big deal yet. Not sure why the cable isn’t working but I wish I would have discovered it while the cable guy was there. 

Tonight is my first night alone as Royce works the night shift tonight.  Big house, small girl, I’m already scared!  Luckily I have lots to do after I get home from Pilates so hopefully I’ll just work myself to sleep.

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