Day off…

Had the day off from moving/packing at least.  I was crazy busy at work this AM but my 2 male co-workers took me out for lunch to see if I was really ready for this marriage stuff.  Good to know I’ll be harassed about stuff like this even without a Dad in the same city!  

I’m also taking a day off from the house today.  Last night I had one of those ‘Oh shit, what did we get ourselves into’ moments while I was sitting on our nasty tub staring into our leaking sink in the guest bathroom.  It isn’t a good feeling. I hope I don’t have another one of those moments again anytime soon.

Regardless, I think the bathroom renovations have now moved to the top priority in our to-do list. I may actually have some contractors come out and give estimates before the year ends just so we have some idea of what to expect financially.  One thing I do know is I can’t wait to tear that tile off the walls…at least we will save some $$ by doing our own demolition.  I think it will be therapeutic AND cost effective.

Tonight we are headed to Old Town Alexandria to hang out with our friends Al and Katie.  Katie has some happy hours/dinners to go to for the wedding they are attending this weekend.  Meanwhile Royce, Al and I are going to go explore OldTown which I haven’t done much exploration of so it should be exciting.

Tomorrow we will continue our moving/packing reprieve by going to the Iowa game-watch with Albert in the AM.  While those guys are at the wedding that evening we will start our packing rendezvous again.

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