Busy Busy

I made it back OK from Kansas City. It was a crazy trip, we had lots to do, but it all got done and we are well on our way to being ready for this wedding!  The shower was great fun. I got to see a lot of my mothers friends who I haven’t seen for many many years, so I’m sure it was fun for them too!  I also got some wonderful gifts to stock my new kitchen, including my much anticipated Cuisinart and my microplane/zester which got many questions from the ladies as to what its used for.  The most interesting surprise gift I got was something called a Slipat. I’m slightly skeptical, but according to Janet you line your cookie trays with this weird silicone mat and your cookies (or whatever you are baking on your tray), just slide right off…no mess, no clean up.  I’ll have to experiment when I get settled and report back… 
Things with the home are well…quite dusty.  Royce was over at the house all day yesterday cleaning the spare bedroom.  Dust is everywhere from the floor sanding! Its hard to breathe too b/c of the stain fumes. Hopefully each day we can go over and work a bit to air it out and clean up before we move in on Sunday.  After work I went over and lined some of the kitchen shelves while Royce mowed the lawn…still have lots to do.
Tonight I’m looking forward to a well earned facial…I need to relax!


  1. A slipat–my mom bought me one of those years ago. It really is great for baking cookies. They never get burned on the bottom.

  2. no broiler!

    Silpats are great, just remember not to use them at too high a temperature. I forgot and nearly ruined mine in the broiler!

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