Eureka I found Honey-crisps!

I know I’m crazy, but I just love these apples. When I worked at the Parklawn building we had this nice farmer who would come in every Wednesday and sell her stock of tomatoes, apples and other lovely produce she grew on her farm in PA. I loved Wednesdays then. Now that work has moved to our new facilities at White Oak I have to settle with our meager farmers market that we have in Downtown Silver Spring on Saturdays. It’s not nearly as convenient and the produce isn’t nearly as nice as the farmer lady who came to work, but oh well…we make due. 
Today however, was a great day because one of the 5 stands (yes, only 5…puts the Iowas farmers market to shame!) had Honey-crisp apples!. My first honey-crisp apple was in 2004, and man…I’m addicted. They are the juiciest, sweetest, crispest apples ever. Once you have one you can never go back to a boring old Braeburn or Golden Delicious. I was never able to locate them in the grocery stores, and feared I would never have another honey-crisp again. Looks like I’ll be making more trips to our tiny farmers market after all!
Outside of my apple picking not much else is in store today. I’m on the hunt for the ever elusive earrings to go with my wedding dress. Hopefully I will find some today. I aslo plan to meet Royce at the Crystal City Sports Bar to watch the Hawkeye’s take on the Orange Men today at 3:30 with the other Capital Area Iowa fans.

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