Working on my freckles has never been so much fun.

We are both back safely from San Diego. Albeit a bit screwed up time wise it was a great trip. I can never get used to how long it seems to take to get to Cali. It didn’t seem to take that long to get to Paris! 
We stayed at the Manchester Grand Hyatt in downtown San Diego which is swarming with budding condo high-rises like most cities these days. The hotel was beautiful, nice pool, great location. Speaking of pools, I managed to plant my pasty legs in a pool or the Pacific every day we were there. I never new being a beach bum could be so relaxing…usually I’m dying of heat, sweating, and swatting away bugs while trying to enjoy reading.  Not in So.Cal…there was a beautiful cool breeze to keep everything just perfect outside, the cabana boys brining us drinks sure helped too! I can really see why people like it there; I think I could handle sunny and 70 everyday as well.
My day trip to the San Diego Zoo was fun, I’m still deciding if it was worth the $22 adult admission, but I guess I’ll never really know. We are a bit spoiled up here with all the free museum admissions so I don’t think I’ll ever really get used to paying for them. I went on Friday AM while Royce golfed with the groom and some friends.  It was pretty much devoid of people when I arrived but they started to trickle in by the time I left at noon which brings new meaning to ‘the early bird gets the worm’ which was easy to accomplish since my body was on east cost time after all. The animals were active and out, although some were sleeping they were sleeping in places where you could actually see them which was very polite of them. The most amazing was the polar bear playing in the water. I stayed and watched him for quite sometime. 
The remainder of our trip filled with wedding festivities, which were fun since it was out at a Orfila vineyards north of San Diego. What a beautiful place, absolutely breathtaking…and the wine was good too! 
On Sunday Royce and I drove up to Costa Mesa, CA, just south of LA to visit with his high school friend Matt H. and his soon-to-be wife Courtney. It was nice to finally meet the guy who is a common character in most of Royce’s high school escapades I hear about occasionally. While in Costa Mesa we were able to visit one of the many beaches and they treated us to a great dinner at The Cannery where we got to sit on the water wile enjoying steak, Chilean sea bass and some amazing fried calamari.
What I’m reading: I thoroughly enjoyed My Sisters Keeper by Jodi Picoult during the flight out and pretty much finished it in the 6 hours it took us to get to San Diego. Anything that can entertain me for that long on an airplane automatically makes my must-read list. On the way back I read lots of home improvement magazines and also started Assassination Vacation by Sarah Vowell which is also proving to be another good read. 
What’s for Dinner: After traveling Royce and I are craving some vegetables so tonight is Portobello Mushroom Caesar Salads with some Grilled shrimp.

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