Reflecting on real estate

With our closing nearly 2 weeks away we thought we would take the time to reflect on our hellish nearly 2-year home search experience with a lovely list of common fatal flaws in homes over here. We are glad to say 10310 Pierce Drive has none of the below mentioned flaws…just some really tacky decorating.

Common Fatal Flaws with Homes in the Mid-Atlantic Region
FF #1 – No bathroom on the main level: This was typical of most colonials in the area. Call me picky but I don’t want people schlepping up into my personal space to go pee when they visit us.
FF #2 – No air conditioning:  Its 2006 and we just finished a summer with 100+ degree heat! So your house better be air-conditioned or priced appropriately so that we can install air-conditioning when we arrive.
FF #3 – No place to put a car. Over here in the Mid-Atlantic region driveways are kind of a thing of luxury, and garages are nearly extinct as most people convert them into living space. Depending on the neighborhood this can be a deal breaker especially if NO ONE has a driveway then everyone is fighting for parking on both sides of the street. 
FF #4 – low ceilings. I’m sorry, but Royce needs to be able to stand upright in every room. This may sound like something you shouldn’t have to consider when buying a home but here where each square foot is prime $$ we found many examples were ceilings (mostly in the basement, or a converted garage) had been dropped lower than 6 ft…why? why!!!
FF #5: Itty bitty houses. If I’m going to pay a hefty penny for a house. It MUST be bigger than our current 1088 sq ft 2 bedroom, 2 bath apartment (which has parking I might add).
FF#6: Lazy neighbors. Trees growing out of the neighbors gutters, or any abandoned cars in the neighbors driveway are deal breakers.
FF #7: Itty bitty kitchens.  I simply wanted to walk into a kitchen and not have the urge to blow down a wall to make it a working kitchen. Below is one of my favorite conversations we had with our realtor in a house that had a kitchen that rivaled the size of the one I had in college (where you couldn’t open the fridge and the oven at the same time):
Me:   “I guess this kitchen would be OK if you didn’t cook and ate take-out all the time.”
Realtor: “There isn’t even the space to put take-out on the counter!”
Me: “you are right…this is nuts”.
Realtor: “Come here…look…the bathroom is bigger than the kitchen”. (sadly, it was).
FF #8: The scary basement bathroom. In order to make it look like your house has more than 1 full bath (an optimal selling tactic) many homeowners would put a full bathroom in the basement. Typically, they did not have the foresight to put this in the part of the basement that had already been finished. So to get to the scary bathroom you had to walk through the unfinished portion of the basement. Once you got there it was usually dingy, dark and looked as though it had never been used because, really, who wakes up some cold winter morning and says “I think I’ll go shower in the basement!”…cozy eh?

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