I survived!

The bachelorette weekend is over and I think it may take me all week to recover, but aside from some vision instability this AM I’m feeling remarkably well.  
My Bridesmaids Chris and Amy did an amazing job organizing a fun-filled weekend. We started off on Saturday with some various VA wine tours which was loads of fun, especially the picnic out by the lake at the Windham Winery.  In addition to Windham, we also stopped at Breaux and Hillsborough Vineyards.  If I would have had the forethought any of these locations would have been the perfect setting for a wedding.  They had some amazing views (and some great wine!).  
After a quick stop home for a nap we headed out to dinner at Clyde’s and then made our way to Coyote Ugly for my first (and last!) time appearing on top of a bar to dance with other bachelorettes who were out that night. Later in the evening we moved on to Indeblue and chilled with tasty beverages on their comfy couches while I went around and pestered their patrons with my water ‘gun’. I would post pictures but I’m afraid they may be used as black mail someday, so what happened at the bachelorette party stays within the confines of those who attended.
I’ll also take this time to apologize to the citizens of DC who got squirted with my water ‘gun’ on Saturday.  Thanks for being such good sports!  : )

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