Restaurant week is here!

Yippie! For those not familiar, Restaurant Week happens twice a year here in DC (as in other major metropolitan places) and fancy 5 star restaurants open their doors to us commoners and serve fixed-price 3 course meals for a fraction of the cost.  Needless to say, it’s a pretty fun week considering most everyone is on a budget these days.  And it gives you a great opportunity to go to places you couldn’t afford otherwise.  I’ve got 2 reservations this week which I made far in advance so my mouth has been watering for months.  
Tonight its Vidalia, a southern-home cooked spin on fancy food, its sister restaurant, Bistro-Bis, we enjoyed to last year during RW.  Vidalia has been getting rave reviews, and it even gets good reviews during RW which is hard to do since the service is usually poor and some places limit their menus…not them!  Everything on the menu is fair game tonight. Can’t wait!
Friday I get to go to TenPenh with the girls…one of many Asian fusion restaurants in the area.  I first stumbled upon this place a couple of years ago during RW and was impressed with their offerings.  Friday will be my third dining experience, I hope it turns to be just as delicious…and I hope they still have those scallops on the menu.

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