Birthdays Rock!

I don’t know what it is about birthdays but it they turn me into a 5 year old…it must be a combination of the anticipation of what another year will bring, the presents, or maybe its just looking forward to something in the mail other than bills!  


Today was an absolutely wonderful day…I got to open one present this morning before work, and one when I got home from work, which made the time in between presents while I was at work very long.  Tonight, Royce treated me to a birthday dinner at the Golden Bull, our favorite place for prime rib. 

This place rocks!  First of all there is a full sized statue of a bull on the roof.  Second it’s like the Midwestern Steak houses we miss and love smack middle of Maryland, which is really respectable with all the fancy pretentious places around here.  Lastly, today was 2-for-1 steak night.  Can it get any better? 


With my belly full and my spirits high its time for bed…may you all have birthdays that turn you into a giddy kid again!  : ) 

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